Taste of Country reports Keith Urban not only looks good, but he smells good too! Keith is planning to launch his new Men's fragrance, Phoenix. It’s Urban’s debut scent. The name Phoenix refers to his Hopi Indian Thunderbird tattoo he has on his left forearm.

“The thunderbird obviously has close ties to the phoenix — the symbolism of the phoenix,” said Urban. “I’ve always loved symbolism and mythology, the symbolism of the phoenix being something that succumbs to the challenges and burns in the fire, but then is resurrected from the ashes and rises up from the ashes even stronger than before. The ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ story of the phoenix is something else that I think fits really well with a man’s cologne. Certainly, I can relate very strongly to that — going through hard times and coming out the other end of it much, much stronger for the experience.” Urban is likely referencing his previous battles with substance abuse there, making his cologne that much more impactful.

I can't wait til September to buy my man some Phoenix!