This young Illinois native, grew up listening to Ronnie Dunn, Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra. Quite a range of music, right? But Brett Eldredge fell in love with country music and knew he wanted to be in Nashville. I think that's a good thing.

Since he moved to 'Music City,' Brett has started writing with some big names in the business, including Bill Anderson. Brett's first song he wrote that he recorded was "Raymond. " The song was written about his grandmother's battle with Alzheimer's. His latest song "Don't Ya," is a fun, sexy and upbeat song that shows off his beautiful baritone voice.

I'm excited about this newcomer to country music, not just because he has the love of country, but brings a totally different side that I feel keeps country fresh and new. Keep your eye on this one folks, he'll be around for awhile!

And it's hard not to see what a hottie he is too, ladies!

Brett Eldredge: 'Raymond'

Brett Eldredge: 'Don't Ya'