This week's KNUE "Artist Spotlight" is Lake, Miss., native, Randy Houser. When I was reading Randy's bio, I was struck by something he said about his life now, which he called himself "a man refreshed." 

Randy had some success, with great hits "Boots On" and "Anything Goes." But he still didn't feel complete. It wasn't until he married his wife, Jessa, and then a year later he welcomed his son, West, that his life made sense and felt right.

Randy Houser's pal, Jamey Johnson, had this to say about Randy:

 "I watched a blind man jump to his feet and drop his crutches the first time he heard Randy Houser sing."

Vince Gill had this to say about Randy Houser:

"One of the best in the new crop of country singer-songwriters."

Randy has had the good fortune to write songs for Trace Adkins, Chris Young and Justin Moore, Zac Brown.