All of us at 101.5 KNUE are proud to be part of East Texas, and we are especially proud to live in a place where we hold our military and first responders in such high regard. KNUE and Patterson UTI are proud to announce this week’s “Hometown Hero,” serving in the Air Force, Airman 1st Class Michael Underwood of Longview.

Most recently Airman First Class Michael Underwood received an award for saving a F-22 aircraft from being destroyed by fire when he took quick action. Michael was helping park the plane after it landed and noticed a fire in the landing gear. He quickly grabbed an extinguisher and put out the flames before they spread. By the way, an F-22 aircraft is worth more than $150 million!

Because of his quick action, Airman 1st Class Michel Underwood received the Aviation Safety Well Done award for his efforts to save the multi-million dollar plane.

To show our appreciation for Michael's dedication to his country, he will receive an plaque from Congratulations! Awards in Jacksonville.