KNUE is making a habit of bringing country legends to town at The Oil Palace. This time around,  KNUE presents David Allan Coe, Kentucky Headhunters and Johnny Rodriguez on Saturday, Nov. 17. The first Johnny Rodriguez song I played on the radio was, "You Always Come Back To Hurting Me." It was back in 1989. I would have played it sooner, but I was only ten years old in 1973. This song gets me every time I hear it. It's my favorite Johnny Rodriguez tune, for sure.

Johnny Rodriguez was born in Sanibal, Texas, halfway between San Antonio and Del Rio. Johnny is considered the first famous Latin American country singer. And when you hear his voice and music - you understand why!

Johnny has had 6 No. 1 hit singles and 14 Top Ten hits so far in his career. Johnny will be singing all his hits and some new stuff too. Something you may not know about Johnny Rodriguez, is Tom T. Hall had a big hand in helping Johnny get his start. In fact, Johnny played the guitar in Tom's band for awhile.

You can hear Johnny Rodriguez and more of your favorite country classics, every Saturday morning on the KNUE Gold Rush show from 8 to 10 a.m.

So don't miss the show with KNUE at the Oil Palace in Tyler on Saturday, November, 17th. Tickets available now at Oil Palace .com and soon KNUE will have your chance to win.

Johnny Rodriguez and Tom T. Hall "You Always Come Back To Hurting Me"