Since yesterday was  April 20th (if you know what I mean) and an 8-foot statue was unveiled in Austin, Texas in honor of this country music legend, I thought it would be fitting to spotlight, Willie Nelson!
Everybody knows Willie and most everybody loves him too. My Grandmother, "Mom" (who was the epitome of a Lady,) enjoyed listening to Willie, especially his album, "Stardust." She knew great music when she heard it. She never approved of his haIr though -  LOL!

The privately funded monument was placed near the new Moody Theater in Austin, Texas. It shows Nelson in a relaxed, standing pose and holding his guitar to the side, as if in conversation. Philadelphia sculptor Clete Shields said the leaning pose and heroic scale are intended to show Nelson’s openness and whimsical side while honoring his tremendous influence on music and the city.

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The Willie Nelson song that does it for me - "Always On My Mind," I cry every time I hear it.