I suppose we can't say, conclusively the jump on the chart has to do only with him coming by here but, Kyle Bennett DID stop by KNUE to perform on our Front Porch for a bunch of our listeners before his concert at Electric Cowboy and he came back that Saturday for his first appearance on Radio Texas Live, which all was followed by a big jump on the charts.  Are the events related?  --I guess we'll never know for sure.

It's always a good time hanging out with Kyle on the show we played a few of his Texas hits that night, here's Kyle giving us a background on the hugely popular 'Time To Switch To Whiskey' and the ENTIRE song, if you aren't familiar with it, familiarize yourself.

Next we played Kyle's latest single 'Here In This Town' which at the time was sitting pretty at #14 but like we discuss in this next clip coming on Radio Texas Live has an uncanny way of blowin' songs up, check it out!

It should be noted that this week 'Here In This Town' is all the way up to #9 on the Texas Music Chart.  Finally he told us the story about the time Kyle Bennett 'The Singer' met Kyle Bennett 'The BMX-er'

And since you and I are so cool, here's a RTX-Xtra, it's Kyle Bennett singing 'What's It Like' on The KNUE Front Porch --enjoy!