It seems that police chases happen on a daily basis in Los Angeles and there was a time here at the station when Fox News or CNN would interrupt their program to show a police chase in progress a bunch of us here at the station would end up around the TV and predicting how it would all end. Sometimes they were exciting and other times they ended without drama. I was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and he showed the video of a police chase that happened in a Los Angeles neighborhood Sunday night.

The video starts out with the police chase being shown on the television then all of a sudden the person shooting the video of the TV realizes the chase is right outside their house and films the chase as is passes right in front of their house!

When I first saw this I thought it was pretty cool, convinced and thought it was coincidental too, but after thinking about it even more I feel it was staged somehow.

Check out the video and let me know what you think in the poll afterwards.  NOTE:  VIDEO WILL CONTAIN A CURSE WORD AT THE :29 MARK.

Now, before answering the poll question, keep in mind, yes, the police chase was real - it actually lasted 2 hours through the streets of LA. Watch the video again, at the :26 mark the car has just passed through an intersection and the at the :28 mark the car is coming around the corner.

I'm just saying, I think this video is fake (agreed upon to by the Huffington Post), but I want to know what you think now! If you disagree with me, give me your reasons why in the comment section below!