It's been a few months since I've been able to steal her tweets. Because she hasn't gathered and posted them in a while. But if you can remember that far back, every time Rita Ballou compiles the wittiest, most topical and random tweets from the Texas scene, I steal ‘em. Thus her "Tweets of the Week," become my "Last Week in Tweets."

@adamhoodmusic: Oh Lord, the “carnie man” requests have started!! Even I get sick of it. #poorcody. @departed_music

@WillHoge: thanks to @WadeBowen & the great state of Texas for my first top 10 record with ‘another song nobody will hear.’ See y’all in 2 weeks.

@joshabbottband: Nice hanging with @GovernorPerry @MarcusLuttrell today at the state championship games.


@MattHillyer1: If I were Clark Kent and Lois was being all bitchy I’d be like, “Listen lady. You’re moderately attractive. I’m Superman. Get w the program.

@NotJakeOwen: Thought I had the stomach flu but I took a giant Sugarland and feel much better.

@stoneylarue: Jackpot!!!!!


@rrbchoir: Holy Spring Break


@BriBagwell: I’m obsessed with Thai food. I have a problem. Seriously. #intervention

@mattson_rainer: I think I’ll fundamentally change the way radio works. From now on , listeners have to start giving me free stuff.

@JackIngram: Apparently there is some1 on this plane who doesn’t understand the rules of @SouthwestAir travel and TOOK MY SEAT!!!


@Farcethemusic: FTM’s Brantley pics used to show up on page 1 of Google searches. Now down to like page 5. Hmmm, reputation management going on?