So we all thought it strange when Lenny Kravitz, a contemporary Rock artist, opened up the CMT Music Awards last week with Jason Aldean. Well, Mr. Kravitz thought it strange when concert-goers at CMA Fest did not know the words to his songs -- imagine that, a bunch of country fans unable to sing along to a rock song.

The best part is he seemed to think demanding fans sing along, would cause them to instantly learn the words. That ain't how it works Lenny.

And while I understand, even sympathize with his frustration, he should have considered the audience he'd be singing to before even agreeing to this gig.

The only Lenny Kravitz song I know is "American Woman," and it only has like four lines. Repeated over and over and over.

Watch Kravitz flip the bird as he leaves the stage. It's at 14:25, in case you dont want to watch the entire painful performance.