Every child deserves the opportunity to earn a medal in competition no matter if they have limitations or not. On Friday morning, Longview ISD will hold the 2012 Special Education Track & Field Day at Lobo Stadium.

More than 90 children with special needs will be competing to win medals in track and field events that include tennis ball throwing, developmental bowling, wheelchair races, walk and run races that are assisted by volunteers, long jump, tug of war and more.

Students participating in the track and field day come from all across the district and from all grades, too.

These children will be assisted by a variety of volunteer groups from Longview High School. Among the volunteer groups are members of the high school football team, cheerleaders, student council members and Forever Friends.

The 2012 Special Education Track and Field Day will kick off with the opening ceremonies a little after 9 a.m. (once all the students arrive).

If you’d like to volunteer or see the action at Lobo Stadium contact Adam Holland at 903-381-2236.