After playing shows around Texas for the better part of the last decade and experiencing a very respectable amount of success here in her home state of Texas, Longview's very own Sunny Sweeney has successfully been able to parlay her Texas success into Nashville success. 

Her current single 'From A Table Away'  an amazing song which this week sits at number 13  on Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 tells the story of a cheating man from a perspective not often told.  This fresh insight offers the story from the point of the view of the woman who is having an affair with a married man.  But Sunny is able to spin it in such a way, that may leave you feeling sympathetic towards the woman actually doing the cheating.  Here I'd like to write something like "once again it's all the man's fault" but I will refrain. 

Perhaps the best part of the song is the new ideas it has helped generate for future Sunny hits. This East Texas girl tells  


I get so much drama. I have enough stuff to write about just from other people telling me their stories about this, so there is going to be like a million sequels to this song. Women just offer me their information. It’s awesome. I’m like, ‘Sweet, I am going to write that down. Do you mind?

Well I for one am a huge fan of her latest single (as man hating as it may be) and am looking forward to what else Sunny has for us and if you haven't seen the video for the song yet here it is. If you have here it is, again. Enjoy!