ABC News has a story they posted Saturday about 27-year-old Shayne Carpenter who was booked on Thursday (3/7) after allegedly putting Visine eye drops in his girlfriend's drink to make her ill. He may have gotten away with the prank if he hadn't texted his friend to brag on his dastardly deed.

Grass Valley, Calif., police booked Carpenter on poisoning and domestic violence charges after Carpenter's girlfriend became violently ill after drinking a drink which Carpenter had squeezed a bottle of Visine eye drops into.

Carpenter's girlfriend saw text messages on his phone where he bragged about the prank:

He was making texts to his buddies that if 'She's going to be talking crap then she's going to be crapping.

When police questioned Carpenter he admitted to the act. He was released from jail on Friday (3/8) after posting $25,000 bail. His girlfriend was treated and released from the hospital.