On the heels of his first number one song 'The Cricket Song' (mind you he's had 9 singles all of which went Top 10, something no one has ever done) Rich O'Toole is back with a brand new album, his 3rd, this one titled 'Kiss Of A Liar'. And along with releasing the controversial 'Marijuana and Jalapenos' as it's first single -which we'll talk more about in a minute, he also has a few surprises.

He teams up with his good buddy Josh Abbott on the fun upbeat 'Ay Dios Mio'.  Then if that weren't enough Texas legend -and probably my favorite singer of all time Pat Green joins him for 'Casino Queen' another great upbeat song and of course the huge Texas smash 'The Cricket Song' will also included on the album.

Now back to 'Jalapenos And Marijuana'... Who in their right mind would release a song with Marijuana in the title to country radio and who would ever think that a song with such a title would ever be picked up by radio?  Well, Rich O'Toole would of course but after talking with him he's not as much concerned about radio picking it up as he is doing what his fans want -and by God they want marijuana and jalapenos!

So he gave 'em both marijuana AND jalapenos and although it may not be a huge radio hit (simply because of the title) we'll be spinning it on Radio Texas Live, cause that's what yall want and we aim to please.

Rich called in last week here's our conversation plus the new single 'Marijuana and Jalapenos' -check it out!

Next we talked about the new album, here that is.

All right now, Rich O'Toole will have the official East Texas release of 'Kiss Of A Liar' this Wednesday at Electric Cowboy -buy tickets here.  And we will be putting names on our guest list for the show on the Radio Texas Live Facebook page and everyone who wins will also get a FREE digital download of 'Kiss Of A Liar'  -we'll be doing it every day through Wednesday so be sure to go get qualified!  And we'll see ya'll Wednesday at Electric Cowboy, for some Marijuana And Jalapenos!

Here's the video for 'The Cricket Song'