This man has more hits than Madonna or Michael Jackson. He has helped all of your favorite stars reach the top of the billboard charts. He is the one man that wrote all of your favorite songs. Meet Max Martin. 

This one man that sits comfortably behind the scenes, never to really be known by the public, should be thanked for his endless contributions to the pop world.

What does his resume look like?

He wrote hits songs for:

There are more to that incredible list, but there is not enough time to go into exactly how amazing this man is.

It is jaw dropping information to learn that just one man wrote the songs that we have come to know and love. Those songs that you felt were about your own life, the ones that helped you through tough times or just made you dance, all of your favorites over time have been because of this one musical genius.

So, lets all give thanks to Max Martin. He is truly the king of pop.

For fun, you can listen to a spotify channel geared solely at Max Martin's greatest hits. Just follow this: spotify:user:bluetahoe99:playlist:0HYEI6ov3lAf87Y5EUKqdq.