For the past four years, East Texas has supported the Humane Society Of East Texas by attending "Cause For The Paws" with Miranda Lambert. But the event will not return to East Texas this year. 

Lambert's mother, Beverly Lambert, said in a statement today the event will no longer be held in Tyler, due to inadequate space to hold the crowd, which has drastically increased each year. More than 6,000 people packed the downtown square for last year's event.

Here is Beverly Lambert's statement:

After much consideration and coordination effort, we have come to the realization that we will no longer be able to host Miranda’s annual Cause for the Paws concert in East Texas. Due to the enormous turnout with Miranda’s growing popularity, we regrettably do not have a venue in East Texas that is suitable for the attendance numbers. We are currently in talks regarding the relocation of the event, which will most likely take place in the latter part of 2012. Rest assured we will continue to lend support to the Humane Society of East Texas as well as our other animal related outreaches. MuttNation Foundation extends a much-deserved thank you to all of the concert attendees, sponsors and volunteers that helped us reach the unexpected goal of outgrowing our venues, as well as raising over a half a million dollars over the past four years. We promise to keep you informed of further information.

The Grammy Award-winning artist adopted a dog from the Humane Society of East Texas four years ago, and that is how the "Cause For The Paws" came to be. Gayle Helms, Executive Director of Humane Society of East Texas, said she was disappointed in the decision but remains grateful for Lambert's help the past four years.