Admit it. We all have had song lyrics completely wrong. So very wrong, the lyrics didn't make sense any more. What lyrics did you get wrong from your favorite 90's hits? I bet you will never hear these songs the same as you did before. 

Remember the days when you would hear that new hit on the radio that you would become absolutely obsessed with? Before you could go get the cd, you would hear it over and over on the radio. Slowly you would start singing along to it. But, when you finally got the cd you found something was wrong. You had the lyrics completely backwards and crazy style. Some of the lyrics, you know very well did not make sense but kept singing, suddenly made sense. Once you could actually read what the singer or song writer was saying, you kind of felt like an idiot.

Well, this video is full of those kinds of lyric switch-ups.

Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Britney Spears, Hanson, and so many more are revisited with a hilarious twist in this video. These new lyrics will have you cracking up.