Kids these days are so in tune to technology it's scary. Young children are teaching adults how to surf the web, use their phones, and everything. But there is a definite line in what is acceptable for children to be doing on these devices, and what they shouldn't. And sometimes children need to be reminded of those lines.

Paula Papen noticed that her 8 year old son had been spending a lot of extra time on her iPad. She did some snooping and noticed he had been shopping around for a Ford Mustang on eBay. To teach him a tough lesson about being super careful when looking on the internet, she played a prank on him that will definitely scar him for life.

With the camera rolling, Paula convinced her son that while he was surfing the net and cars on eBay, he had purchased a $50,000 Ford Mustang that could not be returned. Kenyon soon became hysterical thinking of what he had done. 'Oh no, I'm horrible,' he wails. 'We'll have to sell everything. I'm horrible!'. He tries to think of everything possible to help fix the problem, and then laughs it off when his mother comes clean. It may have been a bit of a harsh way to teach him a lesson, but it is definitely one he won't forget.