A couple months ago I stumbled across a Texas band I hadn't heard of before.  Now I know what you're thinking and it goes something like this, "You're a DJ, you should know everything about every new song, old song and band that's banged a drum in a garage."  But stop right there listen to yourself, that's ridiculous! I get a new mountain of CD's on my desk every month.

So this new band (to me anyways) is called "Midnight River Choir" and I first heard their music in a video I saw at RawhideAndVelvet.com --click the link to be amazed.  After I saw that I dug through the mountain of CD's on, under and around my desk till I found "Soul Food" from the band with the long name and it's been a favorite on Radio Texas Live ever since, I get at least two inquiring calls every time I spin it.

And last week on Radio Texas Live Eric Middleton lead singer called into chat, check out the audio and their current single "Soul Food."

Next we talked about his connection with Cody Canada who produced their album "Welcome to Delirium?"  and we debuted the song slated to be their next single "Run Away From Me."