OK, we have all heard the excuse, "My dog ate my homework," right? Well, what about, "My dog ate my Masters tickets?" This is actually what happened to golf fan Russ Berkman when  he discovered the four tickets he won in a raffle for Wednesday's Masters practice round had been eaten by his dog, Sierra. Russ had already booked his flight and hotel for the Masters, and it looked like he might lose that, too.

Russ decided to see if he could get the dog to regurgitate the tickets with a safe mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. It worked and Sierra coughed up the tickets in a pile of puke! Nice.

Russ tried hard to piece the coveted tickets back together, but it just wasn't going to work. Russ in desperation decided to call the Masters and explain that his "dog ate my homework" story. Well, come to find out, it worked. The tickets would be reissued and his dream trip was saved!

OK kids, I know what you're thinking ... if it worked for this guy - maybe? Good try, but no cigar!

[Sports Radio KJR]