It's Fall and I'm on the hunt for a hot pair of flat boots, again. Not cowboy boots, but boots that you can wear over your jeans, like riding boots. You would think I could just go shopping and find a pair -- you would think!Every Fall for the past three years I've been on the hunt for a pair of boots, but to no avail. You ladies will understand this, I'm short and the boots usually come up too high on the leg, or they are way too big in the calf. But I have faith and so I head to the shoe department to begin going through the maze of boots, in hopes of finding that one pair I can finally call my own.

On this particular visit, I just wanted to see the landscape of things. You know, see what is in style, color choices and then I would make my way back to try on boots when I have an afternoon. Yes, it could take an entire afternoon -- OK, a couple of hours, work with me people.

I peruse the entire shoe department, inspecting every boot they have. At this point, price isn't so much a factor, as long as they fit! I find a pair that I like and a very polite young man asks me if I need help. I try on two pair of shoes, and of course, they don't fit!

So, the same polite young man says he can pick out the perfect pair for me on the first try. Then he adds, "Do you trust me?" I say, "Show me what you got baby!"

You gotta love his confidence.

It's been three years of hunting down a pair of boots, so what did I have to lose?

He comes back with a box of boots and helps me put them on. Then he politely leaves me to check 'em out in the mirror and walk in 'em a bit. I return to my seat and take the boots off. The polite young man comes up to me and asks, "Will those work for you"?

I looked up and smiled.

I have to admit that that polite young man, knows his customers and knows how to sell! I admire that, because you rarely find that anymore. This polite young man knew to give me a little space and then he knew the exact time to come in with a chance to win me over. Brilliant! It is so refreshing to actually have someone know their product and know their customers so you get that personal attention.

When I asked him his name he turned and smiled giving me his card. "I'm Donny and it would be my pleasure to serve you anytime ma'am."

I think I'll take him up on that.