It's fall and that's when television kicks off their new seasons and their new series. This fall, a new series about country music, country artists and living the country superstar dream, is hitting TV sets across America - "Nashville".  I'm sure you guys have seen the promos for it. "Nashville" premieres tonight on ABC.

From reading about the show, it's like a soap opera! (And I like my soaps.)

Set in the country music capital, Nashville, the show follows a few country artists and their struggle to make it in the country music industry.  The lead character is Rayna James, played by actress, Connie Britton of " Friday Night Lights fame, as an aging superstar who's losing fans to younger, sexier singers like spoiled Juliette Barne, who is played by Hayden Panettiere. As Rayna struggles to keep her family and career intact, Juliette's wrestling with her own family issues, and we soon learn that she's really just a kid beneath her sassy exterior.

The Chicago Tribune called the show "a soapy, truthful look at country stardome."

Los Angeles Times described "Nashville" as "bold, ambitious and fun."

Well, I''m willing to give it look, it sounds like it it might be entertaining with all the rivalries, family and political shenanigans and good country music!