It's been a little more than two years after the horrible death of a SeaWorld killer whale trainer, Dawn Brancheau. Now, former trainers from the popular Orlando, Fla., theme park have taken it to task for its safety record and its treatment of killer whales, also known as orcas, in the new book, "Death at Sea World."

You probably remember in February 2010, a 12,000-pound killer whale named Tilikum dragged veteran trainer Dawn Brancheau under water to her death. Tilikum was also linked to two other deaths -- that of another trainer in 1991 and of a man who snuck into Tilikum's tank in 1999.

A former trainer, Jeffrey Ventre, spoke with "20/20" and here is what he had to say:

"SeaWorld can make the environment safe, according to them, 98 percent of the time. But what happens when the world's top predator decides to go off behavior?"

Ventre was fired from SeaWorld in 1995 because, he claimed, he had voiced his concerns about the treatment of whales there.

Seaworld declined to comment on Ventre's history and issues, but here is what they had to say about Kirby's book:

"While we have not yet been given the opportunity to read Mr. Kirby's book, we are familiar with his articles and blog posts on SeaWorld and the issues of marine mammal display."

"Death At SeaWorld" is available on Amazon.

What do you guys think? Should SeaWorld continue featuring killer whales in their shows? Does this deter you from visiting SeaWorld?