New games are released for phones all the time, and the one that seems to be sweeping the world by storm recently is called 2048. And no, i'ts not as ominous as it sounds.

The game is actually based entirely on swiping number blocks together until you get the number on a block to equal 2048. The catch is that every time you swipe the blocks, a new one appears on the grid. You can match 2 with 2, 4 with 4, 8 with 8 and so on until you create the 2048 block. Sounds boring and smart, right? Wrong.

This game is wildly addictive. And there's a lot more strategy going into it than one would initially think. Although I've yet to beat the game (I'm still working on it) the best strategy that I've been taught is to keep the highest-numbered block in a corner (I'm partial to the top right) and move all the other blocks toward it. As someone who isn't great at math, I can't really explain why this strategy makes sense and works well, but it does. You'll just have to take my word for it.

The game is free on the Apple App Store, but it's also available for free online here. If you're not addicted yet, you will be if you just give this game a chance. Best of luck!