I'll be 30 this year and I am not ashamed to say an inordinate portion of my 20's were spent listening to Pat Green's music. In fact if you told me I was going to be stranded on a desert island and could only take five albums with me, then asked me which five albums will it be.

First I'd say that's a stupid scenario but then I'd say Pat Green's "Three Days" and his "Live at Billy Bob's" then it may take me a minute to decide on the last three. From 2002-2008 I took Pat with me all over the world jamming his music from Texas to Germany to Kuwait and Iraq, no one does it better than Pat.

So I was obviously excited to hear he's got a brand new album in the work and that since he's parted ways with his record label, he'll be able to put a little more of the Pat we know and love into it, according to  TasteOfCountry.com Pat had this to say

“I’m really excited that the guys I’m going to be working with next are going to let me do my thing and get a little bit more of my own stank on the music, if you will,” the ‘Wave on Wave’ singer says, laughing.

-Well I for one can't wait to see what his "stank" has in store for us next.  In the mean time here is the video for "Three Days" -- enjoy!