In case you missed the big news this morning, The Food and Drug Administration has approved Plan B One Step, an emergency contraceptive, to be available for women 15 and older without a prescription. Excuse me ... so, teens can purchase the "emergency" contraceptive at 15? Yep, 15!

The Plan B One Step pill is used in cases where there was unprotected sex, or birth control failure. It is taken within the first 72 hours of sex, because sperm can live for 5 to 6 days in the female reproductive tract. Supposedly, it does not work if you are already pregnant. I know a few years back, it had been referred to as the "abortion pill." It is not effective in ending an existing pregnancy either.

According to ABC, Judge Edward Korman, who resides over the District Court in New York, ordered emergency contraceptive to be made available over the counter on April 5, citing "bad faith" that resulted in restricted access to the drug in the past. Before the ruling, emergency contraceptive was available to everyone 17 and older without a prescription.

The ruling will go into effect on May 5, unless the FDA appeals the ruling.

Whoa, slow down. The last time I checked, I was still the child's parent. What about letting me in on the decision? As a parent of a teenage daughter, how am I to respond? Is it better to have your child be able to get the contraceptive without a parent's approval, if it meant that the child would not get pregnant? Or don't you think the parent should be in the decision making?