November has become the month to let shaving go and embrace the scruffy lifestyle - but why? Find out the history behind No-Shave November here.

It turns out that No-Shave November is actually a way to raise cancer awareness. The idea is that people should allow their hair to grow out in honor of those cancer patients who lose their hair during cancer treatments.

A big part of No-Shave November is for participants to donate the money that they would usually spend on shaving and grooming for the month to cancer research. That money would help raise awareness, educate and potentially find more cures or treatments for cancer patients.

So why not start a contest between you and your friends for the best beard just to make it a competition. Tell everyone why you're growing your beard out and who you're dedicating your beard to. Additionally, you can purchase merchandise to help raise awareness - even if you aren't ready to give up your regular shaving routine.

If you want to participate or donate in No-Shave November, be sure to check out the website.