Multiple news outlets reported that North Korea has launched a long-range rocket, and The White House will soon issue a statement on the event. Just-released reports say the attempt has failed, but the move by North Korea violated sanctions imposed by the United Nations.

ABC News is reporting the attempt to launch the rocket failed because it produced a larger-than-expected flare. The rocket is said to have weighed 90 tons and is expected to crash into the sea somewhere near Australia.

MSNBC reported U.S. officials have confirmed the launch, which North Korea claims the rocket is being used to take a satellite into space for peaceful research purposes. But North Korea's neighbors and critics in the West say the launch is testing for ballistic missile purposes, which would violate United Nations resolutions.

Many are worrying this is a prelude to other nuclear tests. From ABC News:

A nuclear test may soon follow. Large amounts of dirt and ground cover are being moved at one of North Korea's nuclear sites, which experts believe indicates the North Koreans plan to test a nuclear device. Even more alarming is that officials believe that, unlike the first two nuclear tests North Korea conducted with plutonium, this one could be a uranium device, which would indicate a secret uranium production facility.