The 2012 Olympics in London officially start Friday, July, 27, and I can't wait. For the first time in Olympic history, a double amputee, Oscar Pistorius, will be allowed to participate in track at the Olympics.According to The Daily, this was a surprise last-minute decision from the South African Olympic committee and national track federation. "The Blade Runner" as they call him, will participate in both the individual 400 meters and the 4×400 relay. The Olympian, who runs on carbon fiber blades, will be the first amputee track athlete to compete at any games.

The spring-like step in his stride was considered an unfair advantage of able-bodied athletes and in 2007 the National Association of Athletes Federation amended its rules to ban the use of "any technical device that incorporates springs, wheels or any other element that provides a user with an advantage over another athlete not using such a device."

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