All month long, we've been telling you about our huge Taylor Swift contest. We are giving away a trip for two to see and meet Taylor herself at her concert in Houston on November 5th! If you haven't entered to win, which I am sure you have, click here to enter.  Everyone is so excited about this contest, we just can't quit talking about it! I've even been walking around singing 'Picture To Burn' all week! But, I'm sure my rendition isn't near as adorable as these covers of Taylor songs.

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    There Is Absolutely Nothing 'Mean' To Say About This..

    This little girl covers this song like a pro!
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    As If One Wasn't Cute Enough..

    a double dose of Taylor is even cuter!
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    Ladies And Gents, The Next Taylor Swift

    People are going to 'Jump Then Fall' right in love with this little girl!
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    Real Men Sing Taylor Swift

    He's going to have all the ladies fallin' for him..
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    One Of Taylor's Personal Favorites

    This little girl may be a fan of Taylor, but Taylor is a fan of hers! She posted this video on her Twitter and skyrocketed this little girl to Taylor-Cover stardom.