WOW! That's all I could say after I read this story. Evidently a woman from New York was reunited with her lost dog, Dusty, after seeing him in a segment about pet adoption on last Friday's "Today Show." Well, that was a short-lived reunion. Ruth Torres told NBC New York she felt "awful" at about having to give him back to the shelter due to the dog being "too wild" with her other pets at home. Really?!

Torres returned Dusty to the Animal Care and Control shelter that took him in weeks ago and groomed him for the "Today" segment. A spokesman confirmed the dog was back in the shelter's care.

Torres emphatically denied that she ever abandoned the Irish Wolfhound the first time.

But Dusty seems to have no shortage of admirers after his TV appearance -- a shelter spokesperson says they've already had "several calls" about finding the cute canine a new home.

I hope Dusty finds the perfect home that he deserves  this time!

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