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Luke Bryan Tour Pre-Sale Event
Luke Bryan is heading out on tour once more, he's bringing a bunch of his friends with him and KNUE is giving you the chance to get your tickets early.
The KNUE Spring Tour rolls onward and now we're giving you early access to the Luke Bryan Kill The Lights Tour ticket sale...
Monarch Butterfly Waystation New to Woldert Park
Monarch butterflies need our help to survive their long migration. In response to this need, The Gertrude Windsor Garden Club, a member of Garden Club of America, has created a certified Monarch Waystation at Woldert Park, located at 501 W. 32nd St.
You’re Invited to 6×6@110 Painting Parties
Organizers of Gallery Main Street’s 6x6@110 project are inviting the public to participate in creating at least 1,000 6” x 6” works of art that will be displayed and revealed during the fundraising exhibit on June 6 at 6 p.m.

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