Some of you know that I despise bullying. I've often talked about how my daughter suffered from bulling in elementary and middle school. Bullying has destroyed so many lives that may never recover. If you think that's an over statement, you would be wrong! Very wrong. When I came across this story today, I knew I needed to share it with you guys. A Utah mom decided her fiancee's 10-year-old should wear thrift store clothes after she was caught taunting and bullying a classmate for the way she was dressed.

The young girl in question, is considered a so-called "fashionista."  So when the parents learned that this young girl had been bullying and saying mean things to a classmate about the way the girl dressed, they decided that their daughter should walk in that girls shoes.

So off to the thrift store they go. The daughter had no clue she was picking out the clothes she would end up wearing to school.

Some are asking is this the right way to handle this situation. Personally, I think it was brilliant! Watch the video and you decide.