Pets Fur People are going to be busy, busy this Saturday (Sept. 7) washing some sweet but dirty puppies and dogs! Peltier Subaru on the loop in Tyler is the place to take your dogs for a good cleanin'.Pets Fur People are holding a dogwash, and they need all the dirty dogs you can bring 'em.

The cleaning will begin at 10 a.m. this Saturday morning and end at 4 p.m. in the afternoon. The dog wash is free, because Peltier Subaru will be picking up the tab. That's right, Petier Subaru will donate $25 for every dog washed! How cool is that, and how cool is Peltier Subaru! This will be a wet and wild time, so join in the fun!

Pets Fur People is a selective admissions, no kill sanctuary. Their mission is to provide a temporary haven for the animals in our care, until they find their forever families. They are committed to reduce and ultimately eliminate euthanasia as an acceptable method of population control for unwanted dogs and cats.

They promote the positive results of spay/neuter programs to reduce dog and cat overpopulation, and pride themselves in teaching responsible pet guardianship.This group does so much for the animals of East Texas and relies on donations and fund raising to continue their important work. To find out more ways that you can help click here.