This story is not for the kids; it's for the grown ups. Get your notepad and pen and get ready! Most of you are familiar with Dr. Ruth Westheimer. If not, she is a renowned psychosexual therapist whose straightforward approach to sex and relationship advice made her an American icon for decades. Dr. Ruth made a name for herself in the 1980s with her radio program, "Sexually Speaking," which she spoke frankly about matters concerning the bedroom. Since then, she has  hosted her own national TV talk shows, writes a regular "Ask Dr. Ruth" column, produced five documentaries, wrote 36 books, including "Sex For Dummies," and Dr. Ruth is even on Twitter.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Dr. Ruth offers her tips for spicing up your love life. (This is where the notepad and pen comes in handy!).

Warning: Slightly NSFW. Watch at your own discretion.

OK, I hope you got some great tips from Dr. Ruth. Isn't she the cutest!? My advice, for what it's worth -- love like there's no tomorrow!

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