With six albums dating back to 2000, one Live at Billy Bob's album and two Academy of Country Music Vocal Group of the Year nominations, Randy Rogers Band has earned their spot among the Texas elite. And the simple fact that they have been nominated for such prestigious awards despite yet having a Top 40 single speaks volumes to the respect they've garnered within the industry.

Last week Randy Rogers called into Radio Texas, LIVE! and here is our conversation.

The band won Entertainer and Album of the Year at the 2012 Texas Regional Radio Music Awards, they also performed at the event. Two days after the awards show a video was uploaded to youtube. This grainy video showed Randy Rogers and Stoney LaRue squaring off south of the border, each with their own team of locals for backup, it was a Mexican standoff. I asked Randy about it.

RRB is one of the topflight bands in Texas, their last album "Burning the Day" was released in 2010 and saw four singles released and four singles climb to the No. 1 spot in Texas. So it's just about time for a new album, and Randy tells us what we can expect next.

We eagerly await the new album. Be sure to stay connected with RRB on twitter and facebook. Did you know Randy Rogers threw out the first pitch in the Texas Rangers home debut, click here to read more.

I'll leave you with the Randy Rogers, Stoney LaRue Mexican standoff video.