I know I am not alone in feeling this --Today is a good day.  I am definitely a very happy veteran today. In that vein there is a song I'd like to share with you from probably the most legendary band in The Texas/Red Dirt Scene.  Cross Canadian Ragweed.

When I was in Iraq from 2003-04, music and especially Texas Music was a huge escape for me.  One album I carried with me was Cross Canadian Ragweed's  Live At Billy Bob's, my copy is now unplayable -- and one of the best songs on the album was 'The President Song' and  I felt today was an exceptionally good day to share that song with you.

Talk About you Osama Bin Laden It wont be long till your name's forgotten/ America's Freedoms always gonna ring/ You know we won't be satisfied till your hatred's dead/and your people are fried/ your head's on a stick and your b*lls are in a sling.

Thank you to all who serve and have served our great country.  It is because of you all over there that over here we can sleep so soundly at night.

Listen to the whole song here --Caution explicit (but appropriate) lyrics