For unknown reasons, a railroad trestle in Central Texas was destroyed by fire and collapses like dominoes and it was all caught on tape. Firefighters are not sure how the fire began, but was on scene within 20 minutes of receiving the call but because they were limited with their equipment due to the height of the structure, the local volunteer fire department made the decision to let the trestle burn.

As the fire burned and traveled along the 300 yard long bridge, a local volunteer fire fighter caught it all on tape. The support beams that held up the track burned had burned for more than a day and were at the point where where they could no longer support the steel rails and began collapsing like dominoes.

The track spanned the Lower Colorado River between San Saba and Lometa, TX and could end up costing the railroad company approximately $10 million to replace.

Extended video of the fire after the collapse is in the video from a local TV station.