If you are one of millions who go to work even when you're sick, please continue. According to NSF International, a public health testing group from Michigan, you're not the only one. In a recent poll of more than a thousand U.S. adults in the middle of this year's flu season, a quarter of those who went to work said their boss required them to. A total of 37% said they needed the money, and 42% said too much work would pile up if they didn't go in to work. I've been guilty of going to work sick because I feel the pressure to be at work. I'm sure most us us feel the same way.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, four in 10 private-sector workers don't have paid sick-leave benefits. So that means if they don't show up, they don't get paid.

Even for the 61% of private-sector workers who do have paid sick leave, they still feel pressured to show up, according to the survey. 25% claimed they work while sick because their boss expects them to come in.

Wow, this is unbelievable. Going to work is counterproductive and puts healthy co-workers at risk of getting sick as well. In fact, Connecticut is the only state in the nation that requires employers to let workers accrue paid sick leave.