I'm up at the station tonight, and I need to be working on my show. But I can't stop watching "Goat Edition" YouTube videos. I'm laughing my butt off watching these things. You've probably seen Taylor Swift's "Trouble" (Goat Edition), or perhaps you've seen the Usher "Scream" (Goat Edition).

Hilarious! So my thing is, why can't our favorite Texas singers get in on it? Then I realized they can. Here ya go.

JB and the Moonshine Band "Whiskey Days" (Goat Edition).

Josh Abbott Band "Touch" (Goat Edition).

Randy Rogers Band "Steal You Away" (Goat Edition).

All I wish was that I knew how to edit videos, I'd have made these into YouTube videos. But I am only good with audio. It is what it is. Don't miss Radio Texas, LIVE! this week, Josh Abbott is scheduled to be in studio with us -- as of the time I posted this.