Mud Jam 2011 at River Run ATV Park is shaping up to be the biggest live Texas Music show to ever hit East Texas.  The lineup for this show will have you shaking your head in disbelief, you'll probably think I'm mistaken or I got my facts twisted, but I didn't.  Mud Jam 2011, happening Wednesday 9/14 through Sunday 9/18 with Saturday night entertainment from... wait for it...

... Casey Donahew Band, Stoney LaRue aaaand Randy Rogers Band! Three of the biggest acts in our scene will converge on one stage, for one night for thousands upon thousands of East Texans!

Who's headlining?.. Who's opening?.. Who cares!

But, get there early cause from start to finish, top to bottom you wont want to miss a note of this show.   Radio Texas Live has your exclusive chance to win tickets this Labor Day Weekend --click here to enter now-- or if you'd rather not take your chances go ahead and guarantee your tickets now click here to do that.  We'll discuss this historic show more tomorrow night on RTX-Live, in the mean time here's Randy Rogers with 'In My Arms Instead' --yall enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!