Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney are two of the hardest-working, most down to earth and most respected men in country music. But they are human, and sometimes humans do stupid things, just like you and me. Just like they did back in 2000 when they got in trouble with the law after opening for the King of Country.

Tim and Kenny had just finished performing at George Strait Country Music Festival, near Buffalo, N.Y. Police had been patrolling the show by horse, and Chesney asked and officer's daughter if he could get on the horse. She obliged, but then Kenny took off on the horse, ignoring orders to stop. When the officers tried to remove him, McGraw and his manager stepped in to break things up.

Then a scuffle broke out between the stars and the officers, resulting in officers sustaining injuries. The law in New York says injuring an officer from bruises to broken bones is considered a felony. Chesney, McGraw, and his manager were all arrested, at detained in jail for four hours before being released on bail.

McGraw and his manager faced up to a year in prison, while Chesney only faced a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct. A year later a jury determined that all three men were not guilty of all charges relating to the incident. This was, of course, a relief to everyone involved, especially country music fans.

According to George Strait, the entire thing was just hilarious. I kind of wish I had been a fly on the horse for this one.