When you think of your favorite restaurants, you typically think of your favorite meal or the meal that they are famous for. If you go to McDonald's and look at their menu you see their typical Big Mac, chicken nuggets, and kids meals. Same with every other fast food restaurant there is. But did you know that a lot of these restaurants have a secret menu? These menus consist of discontinued items and some items you may have never even heard of.

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    Starbucks was one of the first restaurants to release their hidden menu. The menu ranges from teas to lattes to frappuccinos. You're going to want to try them all!

    Ivana Di Carlo, Flickr
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    Olive Garden

    Olive Garden is one of the nicer restaurants on the list with a hidden menu. They have items from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. Check them out here!

    brailleworks, Flickr