As graduation quickly approaches, it's time for a lot of graduates to find jobs. And that means perfecting their resume and polishing their interview skills.

Advice is often needed at this transitional phase of life, and not just about which apartments are better or which restaurants are cheapest in your new neighborhood. Sometimes it's nice to get a little help with your resume too!

Check out some of these tips for making your resume rock:

  • Use a template for a general design. It's less work for you and the formatting will look impressive to potential employers.
  • Choose a basic font and color scheme. You don't want your resume to look like a brochure full of colors and eye-catching fonts. You want it to be simple, easy-to-read and direct.
  • If you're sending an online resume, add hyperlinks for previous jobs or your education section. This allows potential employers to research you before meeting you face-to-face.
  • Spellcheck. Spellcheck. Spellcheck. Have friends read it, have family read it and then read it again yourself. The computer won't catch everything, so make sure it all makes sense to the human brain. Plus, mistakes will make you look unprofessional.
  • Target it toward the job you are applying for. Some companies may want more of a focus on your volunteer experience (especially any non-profits) while other companies may want intern and job experience to be highlighted more.

As you apply for jobs, stay positive and be confident in yourself and your experience. Potential employers can tell. And best of luck with the job search!