I enjoy Cory Morrow music, always have. Well now it seems our ol' pal Cory has gone and immortalized the "If you don't like it, don't read it" girl, Rita Ballou for all time and all eternity. He and Brian Keane have written a song called "Glass Houses," it's about rumors, and lies -- so naturally Rita too.

The best line? There's quite a few good ones, but the winner goes to:

Pat Green and I once shot a man, just to watch him die. Well that must be true cause Rita Ballou just posted it online.

You can hear Rita Ballou every Saturday night on Radio Texas, LIVE! with "All the Dirt in Red Dirt." Congrats (I think) Rita! Here's the first ever video of the song, enjoy. And I've gotta point out that I got this video up way before Rita did, if things like that matter to you.