Rita Ballou joins Radio Texas, LIVE! each week to keep us up to date on all the happenings in the Texas and Red Dirt Music scene. This week Rita gave the scoop on Earl Dibbles Jr.'s bloody forehead, Sunny Sweeny's "Click in the Box" campaign, her TRRMA predictions plus Josh Abbott's new video.  Here’s All the Dirt in Red Dirt.

Hear the Dirt here

Click in the Box

If you're wondering how to get folks to vote you top New Female Vocalist of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards? Take a cue from Sunny Sweeney. First of course you’ve got to get nominated. Next you make a funny song sampling another funny song, if that’s all it takes then Sunny Sweeney is gonna win. Click here to watch her parody of the Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg YouTube sensation “D*** in a Box” called “Click in the Box.”

 Earl "Bloody Head" Dibbles Jr.

When I saw the picture, of a bloody Earl Dibbles, Jr. (aka Granger Smith) I thought he had taken a whiskey bottle to the head like Cody Canada did a few years back, but nope…apparently he fell down and whacked his head on a speaker while performing at Harry’s in College Station. Earl .. errrr Granger had to get 7 stitches, but not until after he finished the show AND went to the merch table!

"I'll Sing About Mine" Video

Josh Abbott Band’s new video for “I'll sing About Mine” debuted this week. Not only did they release the video, it just so happens the song also hit No. 1 this week on the Texas Music Chart.  Ive only had time to watch it once, with one eye on my iPhone and one eye on the road, but from what I saw,  I loved it. Yeah, I said it. I loved an Evan Kaufman/Pudding Pop video, even if I did miss the special EK light show down the middle of the screen.


The TRRMAs are back! It’s time once again to vote for all your favorite Texas and Red Dirt bands, singers, videos and songs of the past year in the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards So get busy voting. ALSO! I predict Buddy Logan will win Large Market On-Air Personality and Radio Texas Live WILL win syndicated show of the year, if you vote!! Round 2 is underway now. Click here to get signed up and vote today!

Eli Young Band on the Bachelor

I bailed on The Bachelor years ago so I am way out of the loop on this one. But, the Eli Young Band made a cameo Monday night. Congrats to EYB! Who just so happen to be Bachelor Sean’s favorite band. And it should be noted around 7.5 million people tuned into the episode. No biggie.