Rita Ballou joins The RTX Crew (that rhymes) each week to bring us all the Dirt in Texas and Red Dirt Music. She tends to ruffle feathers but that’s only because people are paying attention.  And do not forget besides being a blogger she is also a true fan of good music so take her stories as they’re meant to be taken, in fun -- or to be mean I’m honestly still not sure.

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    Free Christmas Music From Texas

    The Rankin Twins teamed up with Seth Candan for a new take on an old Christmas classic. In fact the first 100 people that download it will be doing it for free Read More Here.

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    Beaver's Got a New Video

    Ryan Beaver's video for his song "How About You" made it's debut on Yallwire. He told me that even though the song is not slated to be released to radio, he just really wanted to make a video for it. His current single off the album "Constant" and follow up to his top 20 song "For a While" is actually "Hate." Read More Here.

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    Creager Leaks Another Song

    In news about songs so good they'll make women fall down, Roger Creager is releasing sneak peaks of his next project titled "Surrender" month by month and this month it's "Something to Believe In." Read More Here.

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    Thanksgiving Sucked for This Year's 'American Idol' and His Girlfriend

    In non-Texas Music News, our "American Idol" and A.I. runner-up Scotty McCreary and his girlf Lauren Alaina each had very public blunders on national television this past Thanksgiving Day. One at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the other in Detroit right before the Lions got mauled by the Pack. Read More about Scotty Here and about Alaina Here.

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    Willy Braun Knows Watsup!

    If you ever wanted to know the difference between Texas and Mainstream Country music check out what Reckless Kelly front-man had to say about it.

    "The songs people are singing (in Texas) are more likely to relate directly to the people singing them, whereas Nashville seems like, if there’s a song that’s about fried chicken that’s a hit, then everybody writes a song about fried chicken."