If you missed Robert Earl Keen this last week at The Oil Palace you missed a lot.  It's easy to forget how great he is, but he reminded everyone Friday night why he is one of the best.  On top of the concert REK called into Radio Texas Live last week and from Snoop Dogg to "The Road Goes on Forever" we discussed everything.

Having been covered by so many artists one thing I’ve always wanted to know is who does REK’s favorite cover of one of his own songs, he answers that and we discuss his best line from his song, ever.

In Part 2 Robert reveals what will be the next single, off his album “Ready For Confetti.” He tells us which young singer/songwriters out there impress him most and we discuss the holiday classic “Merry Christmas From The Family” — of which his mother is not a fan of.

In the conclusion REK talks about what has become his signature song "The Road Goes on Forever" he discusses why he thinks it's resonated so well with folks and offers us insight on how a true storyteller tells a story -- check it out.