Roger Creager's been in the Texas Music game for over a decade. Now with six albums and six consecutive No. 1 singles to his credit, he's certainly not showing any signs of slowing down. Recently I caught up with the good-natured A&M alum, we played "Five Questions," explained how to say his name correctly and we discovered there's more to his latest hit "Crazy Again," than you thought.

So how do your friends know when you've made it as a musician? When you rack up a few No. 1's? When you've been making a living at it for over a decade? For Roger Creager's, it was neither of those, "My buddies from high school told me that I was famous when they spelled my name wrong, accidentally, and Google corrected them." He joked, "I had a celebration party."

That's cool for high school buddies, however for Texas Music fans Roger's name has become the metric for measuring true Texas Music fans.

His last name, Creager, is notoriously mispronounced "CREE-Ger." All self-respecting Texas Music lovers knows it's "Cray-Ger." I've heard plenty of irate folks going off on "posers" for saying it wrong, but it actually doesn't bother him much. "It's weirder for me when people spell it with a 'D' in there," he laughed, "Who needs a 'D'... 'D's' suck!"

Creager's most recent No. 1 was "Turn it Up," but he almost didn't cut it. "I sent [it] up to Nashville... I wanted some super big star to sing this song and make me a fortune," Creager revealed chuckling, "and they weren't happy with it. They thought it was too outlaw, sounded like Texas outlaw music. I thought that was absolutely ridiculous."

So what did he do? He cut it himself and took it to No. 1 in Texas.

His new single "Crazy Again" has been out to radio for about eight weeks and barring the destruction of mankind, will likely be his seventh straight No. 1. But Creager took the opportunity on the show to clear up the meaning of the song.

He told me, "People think that is a song about wanting to go back and be young, and stupid, and party again... It's really kind of a commentary on society today, as I think about people having more political correctness than sense."

See there's more to "Crazy Again" than you thought.

Check out "Five Questions with Roger Creager" right here. It's probably the most fun edition of "Five Questions" ever.

And if ya wanna, give our entire conversation a listen below. And please notice, I never once mention his "crop dusting" t-shirt in the interview. I am a consummate professional.