I'm a Johnny Cooper fan. I like his music and he's definitely one of the easier guys to interview in the Texas Scene. Last week when Cooper called in to Radio Texas Live we talked about it all from clowns, his "baby face," to "Live at the Pub II."

At the age of 24, Johnny's been performing live shows for eight years, and has probably done more live shows and has more experience to draw from than many of his elder musicians. "It’s incredible that I’ve been touring since I was 16," says Cooper.

But eight years on the road still doesn't stop folks from thinking of him as a kid. One reason is that he was so young when he started. Another is that baby-face of his, but Cooper takes the glass half full approach, "I keep hopin’ that will work out for me when I’m 70," he joked.

Cooper’s musical style is eclectic, to say the least. His mix of rock, blues, pop and country has drawn criticism from country purists and has surely cost him some radio play, but Cooper just keeps doing what he does – putting out great music.

But if you take an honest step back and look at the bands in this scene, I'd say a majority aren't your typical country band and of that Cooper says,"That’s what makes everything cool about the Texas Music genre."

While on the show Cooper revealed he and his band are actively working on their next album, and they're giving their fans a taste of the music as they make it, something not a lot of bands do. But it's something he's very proud of. "I’m excited, we’ve been leaking stuff here and there… I think the best way to do that is give it to everyone for free, that way you get to see how the different songs are created."

We also debuted a brand new song, "The Clown Song." So how does someone write a song about clowns? Google of course.

I just got kinda geaked out and started Googling stuff about clowns and coming up with cool [clown terms], and just everything they’ve got to do to become a clown.. It’s a  little bit more intense than you might imagine, they’ve got to go to school for this.

Give the new song a listen here.